3 Soul-Settling Scriptures for When Your Heart Is Troubled

I want to walk in faith.  And not worry so much.

To be unshaken by my present circumstances and undaunted by today’s challenges.

And yet here I find myself troubled in spirit and unsettled in my soul.

5 Things Happy Couples Do Well

Things are going well, but we’re more like business partners than husband and wife. We keep it together but it’s like we’re hardly even friends anymore.

Life can turn into a grind, even for a great marriage.

Our fast-paced lives are perfectly capable of edging out every good intention we used to have.
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When Someone’s Missing from Church

With the summer months comes lots of activities, travel, vacations and more.  As the pastor of a congregation where many families love to camp, travel, and just enjoy the outdoors, I have learned to not get stressed out over the idea that people will often be gone during the summer months.  There are many benefits for family, and relationships in general, when people have the opportunity to get away and spend quality time together.   Read more…

How to be a Better Spouse in Times of Grief

Justin and Trisha Davis overcame a journey of grief and loss that most marriages can’t survive: adultery. After years of miscommunication, coldness, lies, and drifting apart, an affair almost killed their relationship. But, clinging to God’s promises of forgiveness and redemption, they allowed their grief to change them for the better.
Intense grief hits every marriage in one way or another – there’s no escaping it. Just this past week, Trisha wrote a post on their blog entitled 5 Ways to Love Your Spouse Through Times of Transition and Grief, where she explains her recent depression over the death of her young niece, her son’s upcoming transition into college, and the family’s departure from their long-time church to plant a new church is another part of the state.
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5 Reasons Why Not All Young Adults Leave the Church

Recently, 20-year-old Bailey, a student at a local college, heard her professor of comparative religion tell the class, “The Christian faith uses terms like sanctification, justification, and propitiation. But church members have no idea what these terms mean.”  Bailey raised her hand and said, “Professor, they do in my church.”  
A few days later, this same prof, who seems to be making a career of misrepresenting believers, told the class, “There are 66 books in the Christian Bible. But only the professionals can name them all.” Bailey said, “Sir, in my church, even the children can name the books of the Bible.” I’m a member of Bailey’s church and she’s right.
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4 Important Reasons You Should Commit to Church Each Week

Not long ago, I was reminiscing with a pastor friend of mine about the previous couple decades of our ministries.  We both noted how commitment to the church seems to be at an all time low.
As we discussed this, we both agreed that a decade or so ago, the core leaders of our churches normally seemed to attend church about five out of every six Sundays or so. Less-committed church goers would attend with less regularity, perhaps about half the time. Sadly, it seems that the core leaders today only tend to attend church about half the time (about 2 Sundays per month), and the less-committed attend even less than that.
This is a tragic shift, and nationwide figures seem to be showing the exact same trend. People just don’t seem to be all that “into” God anymore.
People are clearly busier than ever, and that does not help the situation. Others have been hurt or disillusioned by churches or “religious” people, so they use that as a “reason” for why they do not attend church often. However, most people just seem to be looking for something better to do on Sunday mornings than go to a church to worship and learn about God and His ways. Golfing, sleeping, sports, and many other things turn out to be that “better option” for them than church.
I would like to suggest to you four reasons why church is a big deal – a REALLY big deal!  Let me give you some reasons why you should plan to be in church every single possible moment you can.
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6 Ways to Unlock Drama-Free Parenting

Do you ever feel like your home has enough drama to fuel a reality show? Is there any way to bring peace into your chaos?
I’ve found drama is inherent with childhood, but that doesn’t mean we, the adults, have to be sucked in to it. Here are six steps toward bringing peace, order, and proper authority back to your home. 
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How Small Victories Win the War against Debt

Getting out of debt can seem like a daunting task. When you finally decide to take the step of getting yourself out of debt, it’s easy to be intimidated by the huge goal you’ve presented for yourself. And when you realize what you’re up against, you’re ready to give up on getting out of debt before you even get started. So how do you overcome that overwhelming feeling when you want to achieve your goal, but you’re so intimidated by all the work you know it will take to get it done?
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Is Your Church Worship More Pagan than Christian?

Below is a link to a quick article that asks the question: Is Your Church Worship More Pagan than Christian?  I would encourage you to check it out as it’s a good idea to regularly check our motives in worship.  Click the link and give this important topic some thought.


Does God Really Answer Prayers?

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For our first offering here on the new website, here is a link to an article on the subject of prayer and how God answers prayer.  I hope it will benefit you in your walk with the Lord.  Click on the link below: